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The 2020 Harold Barnes Volunteer Leader Of The Year Award Winner

At the end of the Senior Connection Center Volunteer Recognition event, the Department of Elder Affairs was able to celebrate the contributions of our PSA 6 volunteers. The Florida Department of Elder Affairs' SHINE (Serving Health Insurance Needs of Elders) Program announced Jim Tolbert as the award winner for the Harold Barnes Volunteer of the Year Award.

As a SHINE counselor, it is very important to be able to connect with those you serve. You must have a caring heart to discern the need, search for answers and apply them to resolve the situation and bring satisfaction to the beneficiary.

Jim began with SHINE in 2011. While at SHINE, he has made so many positive contributions to the organization by helping his community and his team. He devotes his time to assisting our senior community because he is genuinely committed to helping others. Not only is he a role model, but he is a true hero of the Senior Connection Center, Inc. Jim counsels’ clients over the phone and in person, or at local external sites. He takes pride in providing outreach assistance to clients to ensure everyone’s needs are met. His total dedication and willingness to help our seniors has made him a valued member of the team, which is why he is also now an Area Coordinator as well.
Jim is a true leader. His calm demeanor contributes to his skills as an excellent listener and leader. He makes Medicare, which is a complex and challenging subject, easy to understand and use. Jim works tirelessly to explore all possible solutions, so his clients get the best help they need. Jim is always seeking the best solution for clients and is readily available for helping with complex cases in your PSA. Jim consistently demonstrates leadership and his performance always exceeds expectations.
During 2020 Jim was always willing to help in any way he could and has really shown his flexibility during this federal emergency, going from outreach in traditional form to ZOOM format and assisting with recording videos for outreach purposes. His contributions with both outreach and counseling are well known throughout our program and our local community. He continues to add positive value to the Senior Connection Center. For all these reasons, and many more, we were so pleased to announce that Jim Tolbert has been nominated and awarded the Harold Barnes Leader of the Year award for 2020! Thank you, Jim, for your service to our clients, your volunteer team, the Senior Connection Center, and the Department of Elder Affairs. Your leadership is acknowledged and so appreciated. Congratulations!!


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