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2014 Arnie Abrams Volunteer of the Year

At the end of the January 2014 SHINE Leadership Meeting, the Department of Elder Affairs was able to celebrate the contributions of more than 470 statewide volunteers.  The Florida Department of Elder Affairs' SHINE (Serving Health Insurance Needs of Elders) Program announced Jo Ann Glascoe, a Taylor County volunteer, as the award winner for the Arnie Abrams Volunteer of the Year award.

Jo Ann serves as a SHINE volunteer at the Taylor County Senior Center, and often does additional SHINE counseling at the Area Agency on Aging for North Florida.  Since her start with SHINE Jo Ann has served approximately 1886 clients within Planning and Service Area 2.  Jo Ann embodies the spirit of the SHINE Program in Florida and that of Arnie Abrams.  To Jo Ann and many other counselors like her, SHINE means not only listening to a client's health insurance needs with empathy and compassion, but finding the best possible way of helping the client manage their own healthcare and often going the extra mile to find programs that can help.

This award is named for long-time SHINE volunteer, Arnie Abrams, and recognizes volunteers for their dedication to clients and the program, reliability, compassion for clients and local community, and persistence with resolving each SHINE client's situation.  Nominations can be submitted from anyone associated with the SHINE program. 

The qualities of Arnie Abrams, considered for the award named in his honor, include:
  • Consideration of time spent as a SHINE counselor and experience in serving Florida's beneficiaries;
  • Dedication to both clients and the SHINE Program;  and
  • Demonstrated history of taking on difficult client cases or complex client issues.
Jo Ann we thank you for your motivation, devotion, reliability and kindness. Congratulations!

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